Website Security: Password Complexity

I read an article this morning on website security, and choosing a password on Linkedin. It got me thinking about my clients and security on their websites. It also got me thinking about my mum, who is pretty switched on with computers, but who has a constant battle with passwords. The article talks about the current layperson

Fridaysmove Choose Arbor Digital for SPAR

Arbor Dgital are delighted to announce that we have been chosen as the technology partner for the Fridaysmove Solicitors Pre Auction Report (SPAR) platform. In conjunction with Fridaysmove, SPAR is set to revolutionise the way people purchase property at auction in the UK. Buying property at auction in the UK requires the purchaser to ‘exchange’ immediately –

Management reporting

Management reporting is not something that always happens at a desk, in the office. Often times business owners and upper management need to access reports outside of the office environment. Our solutions enable access to reports at any time, on any device. Web application development Together with our digital partners and directly with the end

Quittance breaks new ground with online injury calculator

Quittance Personal Injury have launched a new personal injury calculator co-developed by Arbor. The calculator is the first of its kind to offer claimants real visibility into the levels of compensation they should receive for their injuries. The calculator queries the data provided by the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in

Video Editing

Using the latest editing software, our team will create professional and clean products using either our own or your footage of an event. Provide us with your video and/or still images and we will compile an entertaining or informative video on DVD complete with menus and designed covers.

Third-party integration

Intelligently, the digital world is moving more and more into centralising information. We as an industry have been trying to make single applications answer all questions for a number of years. And more and more we are discovering that the one-application solution does not exist. What we are left with is integration. Companies have created

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We employ all on-the-page SEO best practices in our website development. As we have worked together with SEO experts and digital marketers for many years, we are up to date with these techniques and can often times predict needs. This leaves our SEO and online marketing partners to concentrate on what they do best, and not