Case Studies

Quittance Personal Injury

Quittance Personal Injury run a website offering solutions for personal injury claims. Their primary site offers estimates on possible settlements to claims for specific complaints. Quittance have, in 2016, started to expand their network of lead generating websites to include sites dedicated to specific problems, in an effort to give people in trouble an easier route to their help.

Rodel Deal Tracker

Rodel is a bridging finance company. They offer a number of services in the bridging finance space including: Property seller bridging finance: Giving people access to a portion of their property sale funds in advance of registration and final payment of those funds
Agent commission finance: Giving estate agents access to their commission prior to registration. Property backed finance: short term loans secured against unencumbered assets. Bond applicant finance: Giving people access to a portion of their new, further or switch bond.

Fitzalan Partners lead tracker

Fitzalan Partners own a network of lead generation websites selling property law related services including conveyancing, buyer’s surveys, remortgage and equity transfer assistance. Arbor Digital have supported the company since it’s inception in 2011. Before that time, we built and supported the original software when it was owned by another entity, from which Fitzalan acquired the first lead generation website NAHL acquired Fitzalan Partners in February 2015, and decided to keep Arbor Digital on as their development supplier.