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Chris Salmon

Quittance Personal Injury run a website offering solutions for personal injury claims. Their primary site offers estimates on possible settlements to claims for specific complaints. Quittance have, in 2016, started to expand their network of lead generating websites to include sites dedicated to specific problems, in an effort to give people in trouble an easier route to their help.

Overview of the problem

Quittance being a startup venture have to be efficient with their resources. Their owners, dedicated in their mission to help people in trouble that originated in an accident or other complaint that began outside of their control, have to deal with a lot of the day-to-day running of the business, as well as trying to find people in need of their help. The route to their help comes through organic search, as this is a cost-effective solution to marketing their services, owing to the fact that they themselves are very high quality digital marketing experts. SEO, on the ground, takes a great deal of time. Article writing, publishing, updating and research takes up an enormous amount of time, which could be dedicated to helping customers.

Quittance therefore needed a solution that made the technical side efficient. They also needed a centralised system of estimating possible claims in the form of their online claims calculator.

Our solution

Our original build of quittance.co.uk was an open-source solution using Drupal CMS. The solution worked perfectly while the business was gathering momentum, but since Quittance moved to needing a network of sites, it is a bit limiting.

Our upgraded solution is a custom centralised “Basecamp”, in which all content for all sites is created, updated, published and unpublished. None of their satellite sites actually have GUI backends, but rather just feed off databases which are updated on demand through web services, talking to the central repository.

Being a custom solution, the code is extremely simple and much easier to maintain and protect. Regular backups mean that if any site was to go down at any point, it can be very quickly and easily restored by uploading the shell to a new location and running updates from the central repository.

The speed of the sites, being that they are not dependent on bloated code that has to cater for a multitude of functions that Quittance themselves do not need, is also a major positive of this solution. Our conversion of quittance.co.uk produced similar site speeds to the old site using no compression or caching technology.

Simple code, also means simple support, and we are able to diagnose and fix problems with upgrades in a fraction of the time that it takes to support open-source CMS solutions. Also, our code follows industry standard OOP coding standards and is documented to promote easy inheritance should our company’s staff simultaneously be hit by the proverbial bus and Quittance need another development firm to take over site maintenance.