Online CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is your company’s strategy for manageing relationships with your customers. It aids in keeping track of communication history with customers and can extend to keeping track of deals or past purchases. CRMs are commonly thought of as the actual system which handles this information for you.

At Arbor, we help companies to create CRM systems designed specifically to their needs. Our systems are robust and give you the flexibility that off-the-shelf solutions can not offer. That flexibility comes to the fore especially with integrations and processes that are unique to yoru company. We aim to understand your business and to provide a CRM system that answers all your present needs while remaining open to your future needs too.

Our CRM systems:

  • Obey data protection laws, including GDPR
  • Can be integrated with any online system, or piece of web-based software
  • Are flexible and can be integrated with any online software
  • Are available on any device, under any operating system

Today we have a system that exceeds my initial expectations. Bruce and his team built it from the ground up and in such a way that additions can be made relatively easily (something that is not possible with off-the-shelf products), and it can be integrated with any other system. It is user-friendly, secure, fast and enables us to comfortably process almost double our current workload without having to employ more people. We have access to real time info on all deals and clients and, being an online system, we are fully mobile. This, without a doubt, gives us a competitive advantage.

Jacques Morkel, Operations Director
★★★★★5/5 stars

Why choose a web application?

Truly Cross-platform ApplicationWeb-based applications require only web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome) to be accessed. Consequently, any operating system that has a web browser has all you need to work on your application.Total Device IndependenceComputers, smart phones, tablets and even smart TVs ship with web browsers as standard, therefore all those devices hold everything you need to access a web application. And everyone can access the app at the same time.Lower maintenance costsWeb application development and support is done from a developer’s office. The only time someone needs to come to you is to discuss or demo new features. Your application costs less to look after because of this flexibility.Low developer dependenceWeb applications are created with standard web development rules in mind which web developers generally follow. Consequently, owners are free to move if they are unhappy. If we stop doing a good job, you can walk away.

Example of one of our web applications

This dashboard page cut 5 days of work off an upper managers average month. That was achieved simply by sitting with that person and understanding how they got together the information they needed to write necessary reports. The software as a whole has saved all departments in the company countless hours every month. And its beautiful to look at!