Quittance breaks new ground with online injury calculator

Quittance Personal Injury have launched a new personal injury calculator co-developed by Arbor. The calculator is the first of its kind to offer claimants real visibility into the levels of compensation they should receive for their injuries.

The calculator queries the data provided by the Judicial College Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases. The results presented to the claimant are a best estimate of the level of compensation that the claimant could expect to receive in a court award or settlement.

The calculator then goes a step further and works out the net amount that the claimant will be likely to receive after typical legal process deductions such as solicitor’s success fees (typical in no win no fee cases).

For example, if a person is injured in a car accident as a result of the negligence of another road user, then the employee may be entitled to compensation. The work injury compensation amount will factor in the Judicial College Guidelines, any losses or expenses incurred by the claimant and the likely legal process costs (insofar as they affect the claimant’s settlement).

Speaking on behalf of Quittance Personal Injury, Director Chris Salmon said:

We wanted to commission an online tool that would deliver transparency in a sector that is traditionally opaque. The project required the Arbor team to absorb a lot of arbitrary knowledge about our sector in a short space of time. Their ability to engage with difficult subject matter and convert the data and associated processes into a useful online tool helped them complete the project on budget and ahead of time.

The project was an enhancement to the existing Quittance site and required a site-wide responsiveness overhaul. As a result of the development, we have seen rapidly increased use of the calculator by site visitors across all platforms, and in particular mobile traffic.

Analytics have shown that the calculator has contributed to a dramatic increase in new business enquiries for Quittance Personal Injury.