We employ all on-the-page SEO best practices in our website development. As we have worked together with SEO experts and digital marketers for many years, we are up to date with these techniques and can often times predict needs. This leaves our SEO and online marketing partners to concentrate on what they do best, and not worry about educating us on how to build a website for SEO. This allows both them and us to provide affordable SEO and web marketing services.

Website conversion

As heavily as they focus on SEO, our PHP developers focus on conversion. We achieve good website traffic conversion through a number of techniques.

  • Quoting engines
  • Booking engines
  • Wizards


Using the latest editing software, our team will create professional and clean products using either our own or your footage of an event. Provide us with your video and/or still images and we will compile an entertaining or informative video on DVD complete with menus and designed covers.

Today we have a system that exceeds my initial expectations. Bruce and his team built it from the ground up and in such a way that additions can be made relatively easily (something that is not possible with off-the-shelf products), and it can be integrated with any other system. It is user-friendly, secure, fast and enables us to comfortably process almost double our current workload without having to employ more people. We have access to real time info on all deals and clients and, being an online system, we are fully mobile. This, without a doubt, gives us a competitive advantage.

★★★★★5/5 stars
Web design and development