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Why build a custom web application?

  • You decide how the software works
  • Software designed around your business needs
  • Integrate with any third-party software or service
  • View on any browser, on any device
  • Permission-based partitioned access to appropriate information
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • It solves problems that off-the-shelf software can’t
  • Custom application graphics

What software do we build?

  • Customer relationship managers (CRM)
  • Business process managers (BPM)
  • Quoting engines for local or remote use on public sites
  • Lead trackers and call-centre software
  • Timekeeping and staff attendance software

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What can we build?

Passive Lead Generation

Remote web-service driven quote engines, calculators or application forms designed to be hosted on your public website. These are ideal for capturing leads for your sales team.

CRM and Lead Processing

A platform for your sales team to convert new leads or to create new sales out of existing customers. Web based systems ensure that your sales team is never without full information.

Resource & Process Management

Manage your business processes and plan your resources as a team in one application. Permissions-based control truly turns your staff into an efficient and informed team.

Real Time Business Intelligence

Real time management reporting and business intelligence means that your decision makers are completely informed at any time. Up to date BI available on any device at any time.

Today we have a system that exceeds my initial expectations. Bruce and his team built it from the ground up and in such a way that additions can be made relatively easily (something that is not possible with off-the-shelf products), and it can be integrated with any other system. It is user-friendly, secure, fast and enables us to comfortably process almost double our current workload without having to employ more people. We have access to real time info on all deals and clients and, being an online system, we are fully mobile. This, without a doubt, gives us a competitive advantage.

★★★★★5/5 stars
Web design and development

Why create a custom web application?

Cross-platform Applications

Web-based applications require only web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome) to be accessed. Consequently, any operating system that has a web browser has all you need to work on your application.

Device independance

Computers, smart phones, tablets and even smart TVs ship with web browsers as standard, therefore all those devices hold everything you need to access a web application. And everyone can access the app at the same time.

Lower maintenance costs

Web application development and support is done from a developer’s office. The only time someone needs to come to you is to discuss or demo new features. Your application costs less to look after because of this flexibility.

Developer independence

Web applications are created with standard web development rules in mind which web developers generally follow. Consequently, owners are free to move if they are unhappy. If we stop doing a good job, you can walk away.

Flexible developers who think about your business

We know that your software has to work for you, so you play a significant role in your web application development. We do not walk away with a single specification and return some time later with a finished product. As nice as that would be for our clients in the short term, it is not a route to a successful product. Our developers work together with you through the whole build. We are flexible in our approach because we understand that most people do not fully know what is available to them at the outset of one of these projects. We aim to maximise efficiency by understanding the clients’ needs as deeply as we can, but we do not punish people for needing to change course. New information and new insights can bring about the need for different functions, and we try to look ahead when build and upgrading software.

Web services and mobile app development

Our solutions can support any application or software. They can be built with a web browser interface, or can just exist as web services to be consumed by native mobile or desktop applications. We use coding standards that are compatible with all technologies including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and macOS. This means that all your applications can communicate with a centralised web application.

Web services are an essential part of any business mobile application development, as they provide the centralised source of all information for those applications.

Web applications we build

We develop custom web applications to help businesses to operate on any number of devices, interacting with one centralised source. Those include:

  • CRM software
  • Business process management software
  • Resource planning software
  • Lead-tracking and call centre software
  • Quote engines
  • Micro applications and web services
  • WordPress plugins and integrations

Management reporting

Management reporting is not something that always happens at a desk, in the office. Often times business owners and upper management need to access reports outside of the office environment. Our solutions enable access to reports at any time, on any device.

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Management reporting

Management reporting is not something that always happens at a desk, in the office. Often times business owners and upper management need to access reports outside of the office environment. Our solutions enable access to reports at any time, on any device. Web...

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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

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