WordPress Design and Development

Our WordPress developers work with the support of our web designers or use premium themes. As a result, their focus can be on site performance. With Google’s focus on site speed and usability, this is very important in web development. Any person can create a WordPress site, but only a few can make them really perform well. Similarly, only a few web developers are able make these WordPress function beyond the basics. Our clients are able to take complex developmental tasks for granted since moving to us. Arbor’s solid background knowledge of the technologies on which WordPress depends, consequently we not yet encountered an insurmountable problem.

We ensure that your site is not only fast, but easy to use, and a pleasure to run. We ensure this by using a variety of tools and techniques that we have developed over many years of building websites.


We offer optional maintenance agreements which ensuring that your WordPress site is backed up, update-to-date, and secure.

E-commerce and Woocommerce

We have experience in Woocommerce and in other e-commerce setups with not only WordPress, but all of the major content management systems. We will ensure your shop is running smoothly and reporting accurately.


Having worked with top digital marketers and search engine experts over many years, we understand the importance of correct analytics setup. A deep understanding of Google analytics and webmasters tools give us an advantage in being able to set up and configure your site. This ensures your digital marketing team has its finger on the pulse of your site’s traffic and conversion. This knowledge moves way beyond off-the-shelf plugins and is invaluable to the success of your website.